After years of market research, training, traveling, and brainstorming ideas with experienced individuals in the field, Muebles Casa was founded under Marv Furniture Mind by Mr. R B Singh and Mr. Rakesh Pandey with a conviction to transform the way people produce and look at furniture. 


Our small core team consists of passionate designers – each with a shared passion for the Indian handicraft, furniture, and its rich heritage, and a goal to preserve its classic beauty in the old-fashioned, sustainable, and functional way. There are no manufacturing belts in our factory – only a team of highly-skilled, diligent, artistic, and dedicated furniture makers, who channel their heart and soul into carving the best products in the industry.

Muebles Casa works with experts from all around the country, mixing its refined mentality with worldwide patterns and conventions. The designers working with Muebles Casa apply their background in arts to produce unconventional designs. Their work involves a wide range of rich and variant sources of inspiration – nature and narrative storytelling. Their workmanship also encompasses a celebration of craftsmanship and high-tech manufacturing techniques mixed with age-old handicraft traditions. It is this lasting combination of these ideals – originality, narrative, and craftsmanship that set Muebles Casa and its team apart from the rest.


If like our artisans, you are less than enamored with the direction modern furniture production is heading with its poorly made, cheap, and mass-produced aesthetics you will be glad to hear that we are still setting the standards for the master craftsmen. When you’re building something so essential and important, such as furniture it’s only right that every last stitch is perfected with meticulous care.

So, saying no to mass production does mean saying yes to longer lead times than average, but we hope you will understand that this slight extension simply means our products are completely authentic, ethical, and of the utmost quality. It’s the authenticity of countless hours of commitment that helps our furniture tell a story – and when our pieces settle snugly in your home, they automatically become your favorite spot to relax.

Our collections consist of handcrafted pieces characterized by clean cuts yet sculptural lines that feature natural elements, soft textiles with cozy everlasting fabrics, geometric shapes, and rich exotic wood, all resourced, designed, and crafted in India by the skilled hands of Indian artisans.